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About Star Haven Ranch

We are a very small family farm

We currently raise Oberhasli and Nubian dairy goats, Ameracuna and Maran Chickens, heritage turkeys, and KuneKune pigs. Our small family farm started with horses. They were our gateway animal that led to a much larger dream. Life has always revolved around our horses and we decided to buy property instead of boarding our horses and goats. In 2008 we bought almost 5 acres in Ramona to call home. We were able to significantly expand our dairy goats over the last few years. We have been breeding dairy goats since 2000. We have always loved our Nubians and in 2016 we decided to start raising Oberhaslis as well. These sweet brown goats really worked their way into our heart. With our dairy goats we strive to breed towards the standard. Our focus is not just on structually sounds goats, but ones that are a pleasure to be around, good mothers, and exellent producers.